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  • Delegates of Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland Visited HIJIT
    Delegates of Karelia University of App…
    On June 27, 2014, four delegates from Karelia University of Applied Science visited HLJIT, including Vice President Pekka Auvinen; Ulla Asikainen, Director of Biological Economy Center; Anna Riitta Mikkonen, Director of Education Development Center; and Xue Meijiao,…
  • 04-28 热门 TaiwanDa-Yeh University Visited Our University
  • 04-09 热门 Foreign students and Chinese students Founded International Exchange Salon
  • 04-08 热门 Exchange Students Return Successfully From South Korean Jeju National University
  • 10-18 热门 Our University attended the 11th Forum for University Presidents fromNortheast…
  • 09-30 热门 Representatives of Foreign Teachers and Students Invited to National Day Recep…
  • 09-25 热门 Professor from Hiroshima University in Japan Delivers an Academic Report
  • 09-20 热门 Prof. Kenneth from University of Greenwich visited HLJIT
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